Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Personal Mandala

This journal page was made with the direction of a sweet teacher, Ingrid Murray of the My Peacetree blog, who lead a project she called "Beautiful You, Radiant You" on 21 Secrets, an online art journalling workshop.  In this project I made a mandala of images that seem to reflect something about me. As I noted what I chose, I realized that I had a mix of natural elements, such as earth, water, sky, and animals, and senses, such as seeing and hearing, and qualities such as wisdom and beauty. The circular nature of the mandala always reminds me of wholeness, and I realized putting this page together that these are elements of my own wholeness. Under the tag I wrote:

I am earth, I am water, I am sky, I am hearing, I am seeing, I am wisdom, I am beauty. 

It was difficult to declare these "I am's" to even to myself ... Imagine saying, "I am wisdom" or "I am beauty"... but there it is. It is a part of my golden shadow I rarely recognize. I ended my writing with    
"Embrace your wholeness, with no part left out."  

Therein is the golden thread linking my life to the great mystery.


  1. this is so beautiful. i'm happy you liked this workshop. it's amazing how hard it is to tell ourselves positive things, and i'm thrilled that you went ahead and did it anyway! (especially because they're all true.)

    all my love!

  2. Thank you Ingrid, for your teaching, warmth, and encouragement; the gentle spirit that comes through you!