Sunday, August 21, 2011

Emotional Evolution

This is an art journal page that I did after listening to the direction of Jennifer Hutchins from the JofulArts Studio through the 21 Secrets art journalling workshop.  She recommended to just begin journaling across a 2 page spread with a sharpie- anything that you are thinking about that is on your mind that you'd like to get some insight into. After writing without stopping, you take a paint color you like and smear it over your writing with your hand. This is very organic feeling, and partially covers your secret thoughts. Next, find a word(s) or phrase(s) from you stash of magazine word cut outs that seems to fit into your thinking and paste it onto the page. Breathe deeply and listen for the small voice within. What is it telling you? Add some more color with your hands, and finish by writing the message that has come up from within.  This process was very satisfying to me. I'd like to use this technique often.

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