Friday, August 26, 2011

Whispered Wisdom

This page grew from an inquiry about my own authenticity. I wondered, what is authenticity? Am I authentic? When am I, or when am I not my true self? I pondered these questions in writing all over these pages, and then when finished, smeared the pages with one of my favorite colors, and then another. Looking for words that fit my query, these words floated up and just seemed right. I especially was enamored with the words, "Whispered wisdom," which is what seemed to happen in this process. Wisdom came whispering to me, even as my thinking mind was doubtful, "Who me?"   There was a great sense of freedom and almost a jubilant feeling in the answer of "What is my authentic self?" It was as though I was invited to step into my own large-ess, my immensity, which is not boastful or inflated, but real and deep and hinting at what is possible. 

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