Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Inner Sky

A friend once suggested that we each have an "inner sky" and an "outer sky".  I love this thought. I imagine that my inner sky is a place of infinite possibility, and though it consists of occasional clouds and even thunder storms, it also is a glorious place, where a kazillion stars flicker. Indeed, it is a place of magnificence, clarity, and light. Yes - this is in me, and in you, too. Each and everyone of us. It is there when we are born, and it is there when we die to this life. Quakers call it "that of God within us", or "Christ Light", and many other names. This is the place from which I feel love and compassion rise. It is also the endless wellspring of possible creativity.  I am grateful beyond measure to feel this depth in me, and re-cognize it in others.

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